NMS1001-P Terminal Unit (EOL BOX)

Short Description:

Technical parameters

♦ Operating Voltage: No Electronics

♦ Operating Environment:

Temperature: -45°C – +60°C

Relativehumidity: 95%

♦ IP Rating: IP66

♦ Dimensions: 90mmx85mmx52mm (LxWxH)

Product Detail

The Terminal Box (terminal processor) is the control terminal of the product. The Terminal Box (terminal processor) is connected to the end of the LHD cable. Its main function is to balance the signal state of the LHD cable.


EOL Box for NMS1001, NMS1001-CR/OD and NMS1001-EP digital Linear Heat Detection Cable. Terminal box field connection is convenient and fast. IP protection level high, waterproof and dustproof performance.

Cable connecting instruction

1. Connection drawing of NMS1001-P ( Diagram 2)

2. Cl C2: with sensor cable, non-polarized 


System Connection Diagram


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