NMS1001-I Control Unit

Short Description:

♦ Operating Voltage: 24VDC

♦ Allowed Voltage Range: 16VDC-28VDC

♦ Operating Current:Standby Current: ≤ 20mA

♦ Fire Current: ≤ 30mA

♦ Fault Current: ≤ 25mA

♦ Operating Environment: Temperature: -45C- +60°C

♦ Relative humidity: 95%

♦ IP Rating: IP66

♦ Dimensions: 90mm x 85mm x 52mm (LxWxH)

Product Detail

Signal processor (controller or converter box) is the control part of the product. Different types of temperature sensing cables need to be connected with different signal processors. Its main function is to detect and process temperature change signals of temperature sensing cables and send fire alarm signals in time.


Control Unit NMS1001-I is used for NMS1001, NMS1001-CR/OD and NMS1001-EP digital type Linear Heat Detection Cable.NMS1001 is a digital type Linear Heat Detection Cable with comparatively simple output signal, the Control Unit and EOL box are easy to install and operate.

The signal processor is powered separately and connected to the fire alarm input module, the system can be connected to the fire alarm system. The signal processor is equipped with fire and fault testing device, which makes the simulation test convenient and fast.

Cable connecting instruction

♦ Connecting Drawing of NMS1001-I ( Diagram 1)

diagram 1

♦ Cl C2: with sensor cable, non-polarized connection

♦ A,B: with DC24V power, non-polarized connection

♦ EOL RESISTOR: EOL RESISTOR (conforming to input module)

♦ COM NO: fire alarm output (resistance value in fire alarm50Ω)

System Connection Diagram

System Connection Diagram

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