Linear Heat Detector NMS2001 Cable

Short Description:

Outer jacket configuration : PVC

High temperature resistance PVC

Standard lengt: 200m

Outside diameter of cable: 3.5mm

Extendable: 100N

Conductor material: Copper

Low temperature characteristics: -40℃

Ultimate temperature:  190℃

Temperature Range: 70℃~140℃

Voltage resistanc: The voltage resistance between core conductor and

outer jacket is 10KV

Product Detail

MicroSenseWire Analog Linear Heat Detector --NMS2001, consists of four cores with high performance and good adaptability, is widely used in industrial, commercial, and other over-heat hazardous sites.

Structure and how it works

NMS2001 - LHD cable consists of four cores (red and white) twisting together, and the outer jacket is made from heat-resisting material—PVC, strengthening the durability and the reliability. The material of outer jacket can be changed in order to meet the requirements of different environments, chemical resistance material and anti-UV material.

The structure is shown below:

The NMS2001 - LHD cable has high performance of fire retardance, consists of four cores made from special insulating layer material--NTC (negative temperature coefficient). The terminal unit can indicate the change of system temperature through monitoring the change of resistance value.

During wire connection and installation, two parallel red cables and two parallel white cables are connected to control unit and terminal unit, formulating a loop circuit.


The system detects the resistance fluctuation of Linear Heat Detection Cable resulted from the fluctuation of circuit temperature--i.e. when temperature rises, resistance drops. This fluctuation is monitored through linear detector Control Unit of Linear Heat Detection Cable. When it reaches preset alarm threshold value, output alarming signal. This feature allows the system to have the ability to detect the fire in point or in line of whole circuit, which is that the system could detect the temperature fluctuation in certain point as well as certain area. After alarming, it could automatically restore to working condition.

General length of finished product is 500m per reel. Longer length is not recommended, due to the feature of analog signal. The alarm temperature is related to the length of LHD cable, so it is suggested to make the alarm test with 2m LHD cable. If the alarm temperature is set at 105℃, test with 5m LHD cable, the alarm temperature may be lower, on the contrary, the alarm temperature may be higher.


♦ High adaptability: it could be applied in narrow areas , harsh and hazardous environments;

♦ Great compatibility: NMS2001-I Linear Detector Control Unit has relay output, which could be connected to various fire alarm control panel mainframes;

♦ Chemical resistance and abrasion resistance: extrude and make jacket with high-strength, which could meet different needs;

Re-settable: the LHD cable could automatically reset after alarming (under the situation of fire alarming temperature does not harm linear heat detection cable), saving much cost for maintenance and operation;

Multiple monitoring functions: except for normal fire alarm, fault of open circuit or short circuit;

♦ Good anti-EMI interference (Interruption resistance): four-core stranded structure has strong ability to resist electromagnetic field interruption, and

♦ Easy installation and maintenance.


♦ Cable tray

♦ Conveyor belt

♦ Power distribution equipments: switch cabinet, transformer, transformer station and motor control center

♦ Dust collector and bag type dust collector

♦ Warehouse and rack storage

♦ Industrial material processing system

♦ Bridge, wharf and vessel

♦ Chemicals storage facilities

♦ Aircraft hangar and oil depot

NMS2001 system connection



1. It is suggested that terminal unit and connected fire alarm control panel shall be reliably grounded.

2. Forbid bending or turning the LHD cable with an acute angle, and the minimum bending radius of the LHD cable should not be less than 150mm preventing from damage.

3. The product shall be well packed during the shipment, forbidding damage.

4. It is suggested to test the detector annually, the normal resistance between the cores shall not be less than 50MΩ, otherwise, please replace. Test equipment: 500V megger.

5. It is not allowed to maintain the detector without contacting our company.

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